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Concrete Sensors

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Développeur Structural Health Systems, Inc.

Concrete Sensors is a free construction app that monitors the curing and drying (RH) of concrete in real time that enables better decisions to save time and costs for general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and others. This app connects to our easy-to-use wireless sensors to display up to the minute concrete curing and drying information.

Concrete Drying
* Save on costs and avoid schedule delays from high RH surprises
* Install flooring that matches your slab
* Stop drilling holes in your new slab and waiting for RH readings
* Real-time readings shared with the team
* Graph RH over time and find trends
* ASTM F2170

Concrete Curing
* Real-time monitoring of the strength of the actual concrete pour
* Anticipate when the strength will reach a benchmark and manage schedules
* Save money on fuel costs during cold weather
* Avoid a month long test
* Sharing data and reporting
* Email temperature logs
* Use your concretes curing performance to schedule labor, remove forms, and more
* ASTM C1074

How it Works
1. Download this app
2. Purchase and zip-tie sensors to rebar
3. Use this app to continuously monitor the status of your concrete